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Becker Mamba.4 LMU Plus Mobiles Motorrad-Navigationsgerät

Artikel-Nr. 4260140574878

Becker Mamba.4 LMU Plus Mobiles Motorrad-Navigationsgerät

Artikel-Nr. 4260140574878

  • Blendfreies 10,9 cm Display
  • Kurvenreiche Routenführung
  • Vorinstallierte Touren & Hotel-POIs
  • Bluetooth®-Schnittstelle für Headset
  • Handschuhbedienbare Oberfläche
  • IP57: Wasser- und staubgeschütztes Gehäuse
  • Trackaufzeichnung
  • Lebenslange Kartenupdates
  • Fahrspurassistent Pro 3D

497,67 €
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Abholbar im Fachgeschäft: 2-4 Werktage

SanDisk SDHC Card (16GB) SDHC-Speicherkarte
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Becker Mamba.4 LMU Plus Mobiles Motorrad-Navigationsgerät
Always one curve ahead! The brand new BECKER mamba.4 LMU plus is tailor-made to your desires and requirements as a motorcyclist. Developed by experienced bikers, the motorcycle PND contains all relevant functions for your next tour and deliberately avoids unnecessary features.
The BECKER mamba.4 LMU plus comes with a map coverage of 47 Central European countries including free Lifetime Map Updates. Also included (in contrast to BECKER mamba.4 CE LMU) is a complete MARCO POLO Travel Guide and the current version of the ADAC Camping and Pitch Guide. Furthermore, the premium model also contains a protection bag as well as a special mount and charger for usage in the car.
The new mamba.4 contains the well-known navigation by BECKER, supplemented by special criteria for bikers: Next to fast, short or easy routes, a curvy route guidance can now also be chosen. With three more individual setting options, the curvy route guidance can be adapted to individual wishes and driving skills and always finds the best route for every preference. The display of up to four alternative routes including the respective height profile is ideal for tours over unfamiliar passes.
Also included are the most popular editorially reviewed tours and motorcycle-friendly hotels as POIs. This data is provided by the well-known German tour portal "BikerBetten.de".
A special highlight is the BECKER RouteMove feature: Each calculated route can be slided to a different road with a single finger movement and a new route can be created. Thereby, you can always create your own route with the BECKER mamba.4 LMU plus.
If your tour already starts with the planning, the BECKER mamba.4 LMU plus is perfect for you: The device offers the possibility to process tracks that you created yourself or found on the Internet. The most easy way to do this is the tour planner "MotoPlaner.de". This is a very comfortable and free tool to use. The planned GPX tracks can be copied on the device. For an easy extension of the device memory, the PND also offers a slot for microSD cards.
Always keep an eye on upcoming situations thanks to the large arrow display, while the realistic 3D terrain view ensures a good orientation. Route indications come visually as well as acustically over the built-in speaker. The integrates Bluetooth interface ensures additional safety: All voice commands can be transferred to existing headsets or Bluetooth-equipped helmets.
The BECKER mamba.4 LMU plus is prepared for the harsh conditions: With the IP57 standard, its robust housing is protected against ingress of water and dust, even in wind and weather. The Blanview technology enables a very high-contrast display panel and is readable even in direct sunlight. The most important functions can be operated with gloves thanks to spacious buttons.
The device comes with an original RAM motorcycle mount for installation on the handle bar. Furthermore, it can be secured with a special screw included in the active holder. An exchangable battery ensures the power supply during your journey. If you prefer permanent electric supply directly from your motorcycle, you will find a generic connector cable included in the content of your BECKER mamba.4 LMU plus.
Additional features in contrast to BECKER mamba.4 CE LMU
- 47 European Countries
- MARCO POLO Travel Guide
- ADAC Camping and Pitch Guide
- Extended scope of delivery (Neoprene bag, car holder, car charger)
Device BECKER mamba.4, Active holder, Original RAM motorcycle mount, Connector cable for the electrical system of the motorcycle, Exchangable battery, Suction cup holder, Car charger 12/24V for cigarette lighter, Protection bag, USB cable for PC connection, Printed quick start guide.

Becker Mamba.4 LMU Plus Mobiles Motorrad-Navigationsgerät

Technische Merkmale

Kartenmaterial für (x) Länder: 20
Karten updates möglich: Ja
Motorradnavigation: Ja
Straßen-Navigation: Ja
Flash-Speicher (GB): 4
extern. Speicher über micro-SDHC-Karte:
Routenprotokoll: Ja
Geschwindigkeitswarnung: Ja
zeitabhängige Routenführung: Ja
Handschuhbedienung: Ja
Menü-Bedienung mehrsprachig: Ja
Lernfunktion: Ja
Zoomeinstellung für Kreuzungsbereiche: Ja
Fahrspurassistent: Ja
Text-to-speech Funktion: Ja
Routenplaner: Ja
Display-Diagonale (cm): 10.9
Anzeige von Sonderzielen/POI: Ja
Bluetooth-Schnittstelle: Ja
Mini-USB-Schnittstelle: Ja
Breite (cm): 13
Höhe (cm): 9.22
Tiefe (cm): 2.9
spritzwassergeschütztes Gehäuse: Ja

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